Zenterio Acquires 27M Group

Through the acquisition of former partner 27M Group, Zenterio doubles itsdevelopment strength.

Zenterio, a leading provider of the independent operating system platform for interactive TV, announced today the acquisition of former partner the Linköping-based 27M Group to meet the increasing demand for its scalable and unified software platform for interactive TV services. The acquisition enables Zenterio to double its development organization in Linköping and strengthens its ability to deliver faster complete solutions for global TV operators. Sales via Zenterio’s global partners and business deals with, among others, Deutsche Telekom has strongly increased the demand for the company’s independent operating system.

”The TV-operator’s need of flexible and scalable TV solutions has become increasingly evident,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Chairman of the Board, Zenterio. ”As the TV-operators now are consolidated to achieve greater subscriber bases while the individual consumer’s demand for interactive services is increasing as a amended set of requirements on the operators of distribution platforms. Today, a supplier needs to master both traditional digital TV technology and the most advanced Internet technology in order to be relevant for the market,”

”The knowledge required in today’s complex TV environment is very hard to find. With 27M’s leading expertise in software development, we can better meet the demand from cable TV operators with our scalable and standardized software solution,” said Robin Rutili, CEO, Zenterio. ”By strengthening development activities in Linköping, we ensure that time-tomarket for our customers now becomes even faster.”

27M was founded in 2002 and has, since a long time, been a development partner to Zenterio. 27M Group has extensive experience in the development, testing and implementation of software solutions for TV operators.

”We are very satisfied with Zenterio’s acquisition of us and to jointly create a strong Zenterio on the international market. 27M Group will provide expertise in several strategic areas, and we look forward to develop Zenterio’s operating system and expand globally.” said Jan Martensson, Chairman, 27M Group.

Zenterio will take up the shares of 27M September 1, 2014 and through the acquisition,Zenterio doubles its development organization in Linköping with another 40 system developers and has after the acquisition 150 employees in total. In May, 27M’s former CEO Anders Visell was recruited as Chief Operating Officer for Zenterio and he will continue to lead the business at Zenterio’s development center in Linköping.

About 27M Group

27M Group is a leading supplier of technology for digital TV and streaming services. The company is also an important partner for several consumer electronics manufacturers. 27M Group has two business areas – Consultants, which develops software and hardware solutions for digital television via IP and broadcast; and Labatus, testing hardware, systems and security solutions for operators and manufacturers of infrastructure. Together, 27M Group is a complete service for TV operators to introduce new and innovative technology to deliver video to viewers regardless of how it should be consumed.

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